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Dr. Pervez is an active member of Bangladesh Orthopaedic Society, Indian Orthopaedic Association,Indian Arthroscopy Association, Kolkata Arthoplasty Society & also the Japan Orthopaedic Association.

He represented Bangladesh as a faculty Indian Arthroscopic Society & Nepal Orthopaedic Society.

Professor Dr. Pervez Ahsan is one of the pioneer replacement surgeons of THR, TKR & Knee Arthoroscopy of Bangladesh. He had pursued specialized training in the field of Arthroscopy & Joint Replacement home & abroad in different distinguished centers. Last year he performed around hundred THR & TKR. This is the highest replacement surgery performed by any surgeon in Bangladesh.

Paper Presentation:

  • Early Mobilization following Internal Fixation of Lower Humeral Shaft Fracture in Adult – A 6 years Follow up
  • Ilizarov in Long Bone : A case study of 127 cases
  • Interlocking nail in the management of diaphyseal fractures
  • Spinal Stabilization Procedure in Bangladesh
  • RTA and Trauma Management – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
  • Ilizerov- Solution of Difficult Orthopaedic Problem in Femur
  • An Apprasial of Existing emergency surgical service and casualty management in Bangladesh
  • Intraosseous wiring in mandibular Fracture
  • Management of complicated fracture in lower limb by minimally invasive procedure
  • Complication encountered in fixation of unstable trochanteric fracture by Dynamic Hip Screw
  • Orthopaedics in undergraduate medical education in Bangladesh : Present and future
  • Experience of cervical rib excision – Through supraclavicular approach
  • Volar Barton Fracture of the distal Radius Managed by Volar buttress Plate
  • Ilizarov solution of difficult orthopaedic problem in femur
  • Early management of multiple fracture by internal fixation
  • Review of 90 cases of ilizarov in orthopaedic care and research center